We welcome highly motivated students and young researchers who are interested in the active research in our laboratory to challenge advanced laser science.

For undergraduate students:
Our laboratory links Graduate School of Science, Department of Physics, Kyoto University. In the beginning of September we have the entrance examination for master courses. You can see the detail about the examination in the WEB.

For graduate students in master course:

You can have the entrance examination for PhD student. The examination is usually done in January.

For PhD students (Graduate students in Dr. course):

The ICR has ICR-KU International Short-term Exchange Program for Young Researchers: It supports young graduate students to experience the research in ICR for short-term (shorter than three months). Only the professors can apply for this program. You are required to write a letter to the professor of the laboratroy.

For Young researchers:

Postdoctoral positions are supported by some programs such as JSPS fellowship.

For any case you are required to contact the professor first.

In the laboratory, you are required to do "as the Romans do". You are expected to study as hard as possible. Then you will get fruits.